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This is Ahavah Community Initiative's first year participating in the Give! Campaign. "Give! is a year-end philanthropic initiative that sparks philanthropy across generations and lifts our neighbors through the invaluable work of local nonprofits, which are the backbone of our thriving and diverse community. The Give! expert review committee vets every Give! nonprofit for solid financials, ethical practices, and credible impact." 

There are 82 nonprofit organizations participating in the 2021 Give! Campaign, they are all organized by categories or types of nonprofits. Ahavah Community Initiative falls into the "A Hand Up" category because of our commitment to not only connect people who are facing food insecurity to locally-farmed, regeneratively-grown produce, but because we lend a hand up by also providing education centered around healthy living and environmental consciousness.
The Give! Campaign goes live on November 1, 2021 and ends at midnight on December 31, 2021. Our Board of Directors has agreed to match your donations during that time through the Give! website (we will post a link here as soon as it is ready for this year - right now it still has 2020 organizations on it. Thanks for your patience). 

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For every $300 we raise, we can purchase and donate a CSA membership
(which includes access to educational tours, classes, and events) to a family 
in need. Thank you for assisting with fundraising efforts such as this. #AhavahMeansLove  #IndyGive   #AhavahCommunity