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We welcome volunteers during farm business hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM- 4:00PM 


Volunteer Positions


  • Volunteer Gardeners.
    These volunteers make a contribution to resolve local food insecurity by assisting staff in caring for locally farmed, regeneratively grown produce. They work in a variety of environments including outside garden spaces, herb beds, and inside of greenhouses. They work with hand tools on a variety of tasks as suits their skills and aptitude. These tasks may include hand weeding, harvesting, watering, bed turn-over or back to zero assistance. By assisting farm staff in caring for plants/produce that may be donated to families in need, they are instrumental in helping the organization reach its mission to connect underserved people to locally farmed, regeneratively-grown produce. By request and application, there are limited work-share possibilities within this position.


    These volunteers work with post harvest vegetables and herbs, following all health and food safety protocols set forth by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. They assist in the sorting, weighing, and packaging of produce in preparation for CSA distributions. By assisting in packing CSA bags that may be donated to families in need, they are instrumental in helping the organization reach its mission.



  • Volunteer CSA Representatives.
    These volunteers ensure that members receive their weekly share by checking the list for name, size of share, and any allergy warnings. Because the Volunteer CSA Representative is the face of the CSA program, the position is a work-share that allows the volunteer to receive a small sized share in exchange for working a little less than three hours a week at one of the share pick up locations. This volunteer position helps us literally get locally-farmed, regeneratively-grown produce into the hands of those in need.


  • Volunteer Compost Managers.
    These volunteers assist with promoting environmental consciousness by managing our community compost and eco-project. They do this by taking compost material from drop-off points to the compost area on Ahavah Farm. Once a month, or so, they turn the pile over.  To learn more about our community compost and eco-project, please visit


  • Volunteer Project Assistants.
    These volunteers offer additional hands for short term projects, and/or events. Some may assist in providing education centered around healthy living and environmental consciousness. Other volunteers within this position may provide labor for a variety of projects. These may include building/re-building education areas, compost boxes, greenhouses or shade structures, and/or row cover. They may also assist with any of the other volunteer areas for a specific project/time period.

  • Volunteer Board of Directors.
    These volunteers are subject to the laws of this state and any limitations in the Articles of Incorporation and ACI Bylaws. The Board of Directors ensure the implementation of the mission and purpose of the organization. These positions are by appointment only. All appointments are two year commitments with monthly board meetings, events, and official activities requiring board presence. When there are openings on the board, applications can be found at:

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jessie, for more information 

Thanks for contacting us! We will respond soon.

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